Australian Bushland

Australian Bushland thin woody shrubs and bushes. Perth

Australian bushland is unique and different to European green landscape, mostly thin woody shrubs and bushes, usually dry or semi-dry full of unusual animals and plants. Red dust and endless horizons are part of Australian Outback just like kangaroos, crows, cockatoos, wombats, goannas, and many, many more of Australians unique animals.

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Australian Outback

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Some wildflowers around Perth. Local parks and shrubs. Swan and Helena rivers, birds and animals.
Some wild flowers, lizards, spiders around Perth click on small image to enlarge
Garden Orb Spider Garden Orb Weaving Spiders are common in gardens. They build their webs in the evening and before daylight they hide all day. Garden Orb spiders are non-aggressive and low risk to humans.Garden Orb SpiderGarden Orb SpiderGarden Orb Spider Bobtail LizardThe Bobtail lizard is one of the most well known and recognized lizards in Australia. The Bobtail has large triangular shaped head, a short, rounded tail. They can reach a length of 45cm and can live for over 20yrs.Bobtail LizardBobtail Lizard FeatherflowerScarlet Featherflower (Myrtaceae). One of the more widespread Featherflower, this species occurs in Wheatbelt and northern sandplains. This shrub grows to about 1.5m making a brilliant display in spring.FeatherflowerFeatherflower Flannel FlowerFlannel Flawer (Apiaceae). This is a plant rarely seen, except after a summer bushfire when it carpets the ground in parts of the eastern wheetbelt. It grows to about 20cm high.Flannel FlowerFlannel FlowerFlannel Flower Golden Orb SpiderThe Golden Orb spider, is one of the biggest spiders in Australia, their webs are extremely strong. The tiny males live on the edge of her web feeding on insects too small for the big female.Golden Orb SpiderGolden Orb SpiderGolden Orb Spider
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Somewhere between Newman and Marble Bar. Perth
Australian Bushland thin woody shrubs and bushes. Wildflowers mostly around Perth